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ds refusing to wear nappies during the night - but not ready yet

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mousymouse Wed 11-Aug-10 10:33:54

ds is 3.5 years old and is dry during the day for a while now.
he has now decided that he is a big boy and does not need a nappy (or pull up or drynite) during night anymore. he gets really upset if we force tell him to wear one.
but he still needs it!
I wash his bedding, including duvet very often. am quite fed up with it.
we have a sticker chart where he gets a sticker when he*s dry over night (which is about 3 nights per week).
what else can I do?
he goes to toilet last thing before bed, last drink with the evening meal (used to have a mug of milk just before bed)...

Chil1234 Wed 11-Aug-10 10:39:00

Try getting him up when you go to bed and taking him to the toilet for a last 'wring out of the kidneys'. Bed-mats and plastic sheets for the mattress. If he's keen to go without a nappy at night, I'd stick with it.

mousymouse Wed 11-Aug-10 14:00:32

he is really keen unfortunately.
will give the "last wring out of the kidneys" a go.

good test for my washing mashine

Runoutofideas Wed 11-Aug-10 16:31:05

I just read something on the drynites website that said if you are going to take them to the loo when you go to bed, make sure they are fully awake, otherwise you are actively encouraging them to wee in their sleep.... Good luck. My dd is 5 and is still 50/50 wet/dry. She won't wear pull ups now either. We use the bedmats instead, but often she's had her legs wrapped round the duvet so the whole lot needs washing anyway....

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