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Constant spitting

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AlisonDubois Thu 05-Aug-10 23:08:05

DS1 has 'developed' this spitting habit.
At .
At first he just did it outside whilst playing football, etc.
Now, he spits all the time.
We were in car this evening, me driving , DC's in back. Next thing I know is DS1 spits all over me, steering wheel, windscreen. Wm fed up with this now. It semms his answer to this is that 'all footballers do it'!

Chil1234 Fri 06-Aug-10 06:45:49

How old is he?

YUMMUM01 Fri 06-Aug-10 10:00:05

Obviously it's not nice but i wouldn't be too concerned. If he can actually explain why he's doing this means he can control it. It's obviously not acceptable but that's something you'll just have to be strict about. It would be interesting to hear how old he is.

AlisonDubois Fri 06-Aug-10 10:42:02

He is 8 and says he can't stop himself doing it. Seems to have become a habit that he just cannot stop doing.

YUMMUM01 Fri 06-Aug-10 11:33:54

If he says he does it because footballers do I just can't see how he has no control over it. My guess is he likes doing it and doesn't want to stop. If he says he can't help it he knows you can't say much.

What I would do is say if it doesn't stop then you will have to take him to the doctors. I would imagine he wouldn't want to go to the doctors so I bet it magically stops. If it doesn't then it would be worth taking him anyway.

Hope this helps

deaddei Fri 06-Aug-10 11:48:30

Sounds revolting. Spitting is disgusting behaviour.
If he's doing it because he's copying footballers, I'd nip it in the bud. Don't let him play football, remove football shirt- explain how footballers who do it are oiks.
However it may be the start of some ocd type repetitive behaviour- agree with YUMMUMO1-drs pronto.

ilovesprouts Fri 06-Aug-10 17:13:15

my ds2 spits on the follor etc and rubs it in but he has sn, but they have told me to ignore him has he just does it for a reaction ,like other have said go to the docs

AlisonDubois Fri 06-Aug-10 21:22:12

Thankyou. I have said to him that he will have to go to docs if it does continue...wil have to wait and see.

YUMMUM01 Sat 07-Aug-10 10:12:31

Keep us posted. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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