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DS prefers Mum to Dad and new baby on the way

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Divejaney Wed 04-Aug-10 12:56:52

My DH and I have tried to parent our DS (nearly 2yrs) fairly equally. He generally favours me for cuddles etc but that is only natural as I spend more time with him. However recently he is starting to actively reject his Dad. He tells him to go away and doesn't want cuddles from him. This doesn't happen all the time but enough to upset my DH and make me worry a bit. I am 19 weeks pregnant and we were hoping that DH could gradually start to do more with DS over the coming months ready for when the baby takes up more of my time. However DS is having none of it and in fact is wanting more of my attention than ever before, particularly if he wakes at night. I really don't want to be getting up for two!
Any advice?

latrucha Wed 04-Aug-10 13:03:38

I have DD 2.5 and DS 5 weeks. DD was like your DS and is still more aggressive / boisterous / shouty with DH. But IME, once baby is here the child will still want you especially at sleepy times but more than readily accept DH's ability to play and do more things!

latrucha Wed 04-Aug-10 13:04:31

She even lets DH put her in bed and soothe her at night. She says she wants me but actually loves the way he does it more.

PurpleRayne Wed 04-Aug-10 15:04:58

Get dad to start doing more 'special' stuff, like playing ball outside when he gets in from work for 15 mins, reading a particular storybook, going in the bath together (lots of toys!), swimming,painting, all those things that take fresh energy when you've run out of steam after a day or week of it!

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