Daktarin in newborn causing vomiting?

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organiccarrotcake Mon 02-Aug-10 13:12:05

My 4 week old has been treated with Daktarin gel for the past 3 weeks for oral thrush, and I am treating myself with Daktarin cream at the same time. About a week ago he's started vomiting/heavy possiting. My older boy (now nearly 6) had reflux and it's not nearly as bad as that, but is worse than I would expect. Has anyone had any experience of Daktarin causing vomiting? It could just be perfectly normal but I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it.

He's otherwise perfectly healthy, growing well and so on. I don't want to give him Gaviscon as the vomiting is annoying/messy but doesn't seem to bother him and isn't interfering with his growth.

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alypaly Mon 02-Aug-10 14:47:37

i believe it is not supposed to be used in infants under 4 months old....nystan solution is the norm. have attached patient info leaflet for you to read. read the pdf formatwww.medicines.org.uk/EMC/medicine/4145/ i would ring the doc or the pharmacist for advice

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 02-Aug-10 14:49:55

DS was the same on Daktarin - we were told that Nystatin was the preferred prescription by the HV after I mentioned it to her. In the end I fixed our thrush by using Biocidin Forte - Grapefruit Seed Extract - worked for me and DS

organiccarrotcake Wed 04-Aug-10 19:15:58

Many thanks aly and knitter. I've been told that Nystatin isn't as effective as Daktarin. Apparently the reason Daktarin isn't usually given to those under 4 months is because it's a choking hazard because it's sticky, but this makes it more effective than Nystatin because it "sticks around" - literally!

However that information leaflet was really interesting, aly as it did mention vomiting. knitter, I had already bought some GSE and have sort of started using it but in the liquid format and had struggled to find it in tablet form so this is brilliant. Can I ask what regime you used for the GSE?

Thanks again!

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alypaly Thu 05-Aug-10 01:48:57

hope the daktarin works for you. Nystatin works for most babies and i cant remember when we have had patients back saying it doesnt work. I work in a pharmacy and we give out 100 times more nystatin than daktarin.

KnitterNotTwitter Thu 05-Aug-10 13:24:44

sorry - only just seen your question to me... I think I took a tablet morning and night and then gave DS as much in water as he would take (not much as he hated bottles )

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