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Anyone do baby signing?

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rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 21:36:56

Message withdrawn

popsycal Tue 23-Aug-05 21:37:16

peckrollover has books....

beansprout Tue 23-Aug-05 21:38:07

I do, but ds doesn't!! Am hoping he'll join in soon!!

ja9 Tue 23-Aug-05 21:40:13

i've just started! ds is 1yr (on monday). I've heard the optimum time for starting is 9mths, but the class we go to is for 0-2yr, so doesn't mean you've missed the boat iyswim.

MarsLady Tue 23-Aug-05 21:40:31

I do. DT1 does the most signing. The sign that DT2 always recognises is eat lol.

Suddenly they are picking it up really quickly, but as I said, DT2 has other priorities!

jamiesam Tue 23-Aug-05 21:41:42

Try a group like tinytalk ? I did it with ds2 from age around 10 months to 18 months. We loved it - although ds1 learnt it best at the time, ds2 still uses it at 25 months.

ja9 Tue 23-Aug-05 21:44:11

sorry, forgot to say, we use tinytalk classes.

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 21:52:01

Message withdrawn

Bellie Tue 23-Aug-05 21:55:02

Rickman, I go to the sing and sign classes and dd loves them. Last week she signed for the first time (duck) and she was so pleased with herself!!
Others in the class bought the dvd too and said it was good, but I have no personal experience - although the cd is a godsend in traffic jams!

mizmiz Tue 23-Aug-05 21:55:40

It's excellent,rickman. (I speak as a salt and am currently running sing/sign classes along with a harpist! We're having a ball!)

Thomcat Tue 23-Aug-05 22:03:20

Loads of mums on SN, inc me use makaton, a simple version for babies or the ederly based on BSl.
I use abook that has simple line drawings showing you how to sign the word. Ive invented ones of my own. I staryed v early and I think her 1st sign to us was about 8months old.

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:11:42

Message withdrawn

bran Tue 23-Aug-05 22:12:26

I have the sing and sign dvd rickman, and I only used it a couple of times when ds was about 11 months. He just wasn't that interested and I found it fairly dull too. It was presented by a woman though and he really prefers men so perhaps that had something to do with it.

In the last month or so he has been watching Something Special on Cbeebies and he absolutely loves it, I enjoy watching it too. I'm not terribly persistant about using the signs though as he can say quite a few words now, but even just as something to do together for 20 mins it's fairly worthwhile.

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 22:12:54

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:13:36

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:14:45

Message withdrawn

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 22:29:21

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:30:39

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:32:08

Message withdrawn

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 22:32:20

Message withdrawn

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 22:32:57

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Tue 23-Aug-05 22:35:18

Yes, I've done baby signing with DS - we went to TinyTalk classes for a few months. His first sign was when he was about 11 months old (milk), and he's learning more and more signs each day now. He learnt "fish" and "nappy" in seconds in the past couple of days. Incredible to see!

See if you can find a local class (TinyTalk or Sing&Sign are the main ones, I think).

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:42:12

Message withdrawn

rickman Tue 23-Aug-05 22:47:49

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Tue 23-Aug-05 22:51:36

Message withdrawn

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