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Fluke or not?

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Saacsmum Sun 21-Aug-05 08:09:18

DS is 11 months old, he doesnt crawl or pull himself up but does stand quite well when holding onto things, he doesnt cruise though. Today he was standing facing away from me but leaning back on me for support, I moved slightly expecting him to sort of move with me as he usually does and he remained standing on his own! Has anyone had a baby who doesnt crawl, pull up or cruise get the hang of standing and then go from there? or was it just a fluke?

meggymoo Sun 21-Aug-05 08:13:03

Message withdrawn

mumtosomeone Sun 21-Aug-05 08:28:20

He must be about the same age as my DS. ! in sept?
He has just started pulling up!
Charlee on here has a baby same age that never crawled

Caththerese1973 Sun 21-Aug-05 08:29:45

It can happen. My mother cannot remember me crawling or standing at all. She claims that at ten months, one day I just got up and thundered across the loungeroom. Might just be her retrospective motherly boasting, though!

Wallace Sun 21-Aug-05 19:51:56

dd used to stand up from sitting in the middle of the floor (without holding on to anything) way before she walked, even though all my friends' kids didn't do this til after they started walking!

So your ds could be doing things differently from most

Charlee Sun 21-Aug-05 19:56:18

Yep mumtosomeone is right ds is 11 months and has nevershown any slight interest in crawling he would scream if he goes on his front ut after a few months of just standind next to furniture holding on hes now an unstoppable cruiser! hes got to the stage now of gingerly letting go for a few secs and wobbling before clinging back on fr dear life but hed getting braver everyday! well done your ds!

mumtosomeone Sun 21-Aug-05 21:41:57

hope you didnt mind me saying that!

Charlee Sun 21-Aug-05 22:12:36

nope not at all, im happy to share my cherub with all of you

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