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Walking but not sleeping...aaargh

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sunnyside Sun 21-Aug-05 04:59:42

My 12 month old has been walking unaided for about three weeks and used to sleep brilliantly from 7 til 7 ish, now he goes off well but is waking at least every two hours and takes ages to go back to sleep. He was running a temp for about 3 days but GP said no infection but DS has been under the weather for almost a week. While poorly I was happy to soothe him but now want to get back into our routine. Old system of cc doesn't appear to be working and after 2 hours of full on screaming I gave up. I thought perhaps he's extra hungry now that he can walk so have given a bottle and a biscuit. All coincides with change over to cow's milk and the threat of the arrival of his back teeth.

Is he uncomfortable and needs tlc which is my current theory or is he playing me?!

jabberwocky Sun 21-Aug-05 05:54:48

My first thought was teeth. Also, ds had a tough time transitioning to cow's milk. I wound up going with 1/2 toddler's formula and 1/2 soya for a few months and then was able to get him on cow's milk.

mumtosomeone Sun 21-Aug-05 06:36:15

ry putting him back on formula and see what happens.
I mixed the too when I first swapped then got it to all cows evenyually!
One of mine wouldnt drink milk only waster so did the same added a drop of milk to water and then got it stronger in time!

highlander Sun 21-Aug-05 08:46:06

my DS (11 months) has his first molar erupting. They've been coming up for weeks and the first edge has just cut through. His sleep has been awful for about a month now. Waking up every hour etc. Ibuprofen seems to help, but I know I can't give it to him every now for weeks on end.

mumtosomeone Sun 21-Aug-05 08:48:24

bit of tlc never harmed anyone!

dinny Sun 21-Aug-05 08:48:30

teeth, I bet.

my ds has first molar coming, I think. not easy for them, bless.

frannyf Sun 21-Aug-05 09:14:53

I remember lots of friend's babies going through a wakeful stage when they had just learnt to walk. Think major developmental milestones mess with their other established skills e.g. sleeping!

He's too young to be playing up on purpose, don't you think? If he's sad tlc sounds nicest all round

jabberwocky Sun 21-Aug-05 13:19:09

Oh, that's right, I do remember now that when ds would hit a big developmental milestone his sleeping would get even worse than usual! It just doesn't take much to throw them off their little routines, does it?

sunnyside Sun 21-Aug-05 19:42:54

Thanks Jwock and M2so. I've bought some toddler formula and he's gone of to the land of nod. Let's hope it lasts. If I'm posting in the middle of the night again, we've had more of the same!

sunnyside Sun 21-Aug-05 19:46:12

Franny f I agree that he's too young to be plotting against me!!! I just worry that I'm a big softie, he's really clingy at the mo and I don't want to encourage that further even though I love all the cuddles it gets me!

frannyf Sun 21-Aug-05 20:21:02

Awww, I think indulging them now when they're young is good for them. You'll know when the time is right to be firmer. If he needs lots of cuddles now just enjoy it, as it won't last for ever!

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