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9 year old boy has pubic hair

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YetAnotherIssue Tue 13-Jul-10 22:08:00

For a year or so DS has had a soft layer of short blonde hair in his pubic region but today in the bath I noticed he as about 10 black 1 cm long pubic hairs. I thought boys went through puberty at 12ish. My 12 year old son has no pubic hair and the only sign of going through puberty is his smelly arm pits. Anyone else been in a similar position and did it cause any problems physically (did wet dreams happen sooner) or socially (school showers).

FWIW DS is made up because he wants to be a man like his dad so we are not making a fuss. I am just concerned there could be a physical problem or he may get teased as the male showers are communal.

loves2walk Tue 13-Jul-10 22:22:16

my 9 year old does too! I'm not worried about it but I was shocked when I first noticed as they are dark. But I asked my mum who knows all about this sort of stuff and she said it can be years from this point to other aspects of puberty and they are all so different.
I hadn't worried about teasing as I think if any other child does notice it is a status symbol, like you said, they want to be grown up and it is a sign of that. The only teasing my DS1 gets is from his little brother pointing and shrieking!

YetAnotherIssue Tue 13-Jul-10 22:30:43

I love2walk too!

I have just spoken to my sister who is in her final year of med school and intends to be a GP. She says that any boy below 9.5 years developing signs should get a hormonal and pituatry blood test as it can be an indication of an underlying problem. I'm not worried but it may be worth anyone whose boy has these developments getting tested - it can do no harm.

Out of interest, how quickly from seeing the first crop did it develop into a forest iykwim?

loves2walk Thu 15-Jul-10 20:41:38

Hope you're still there yetanother. I just asked my mum about this idea of testing. she is a paediatrician and although retired now, I trust her judgement as she has years of experience and has been an absolute font of knowledge. Even my friends phone me to ask me to phone her about their childrens issues!
Anyway she agreed that testing would be good idea under 9.5 yrs with very sudden or extreme pattern to onset of puberty. So if hair growth was extensive and quick and if penis size increased, in addition to sweat increase.

But she thought that gentle development like I described for my DS and in what you said was not out of normal range and should not be tested. she said that starting puberty is not unusual nowadays in 9+yr olds and nothing to worry about.
She also said that the testing itself might cause anxiety with no good reason. But of course if you are worried talking it over with your GP should help.

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