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15 month old and bunk bed.

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Distel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:27:05

His brother and sister share a bunk bed and at 15 months he has discovered how to climb up the ladder which is about 4 steps high. Anyone got any ideas how to convince him not to. Thanks x x.

fqueenzebra Fri 19-Aug-05 09:28:04

can you take the ladder up during the daytime (ours comes off)?
We have same problem with my 14m old! Have to keep the door shut during the day/when we aren't around.

moozoboozobillynomates Fri 19-Aug-05 09:28:23

Is there no way you can take the ladder down during the day?

Fennel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:28:34

can you remove the bottom rung? our bunk bed ladder starts quite high up so they can't reach it at 15 months.

Distel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:30:45

The bottom rung is the lower bunk, I don't think the ladder wikll come off, will ask dh later. I will try and keep the door shut. thankyou.

tarantula Fri 19-Aug-05 09:32:13

If you find a way let me know. Dd first climbed up her brother's bunkbed at 12 mnths and the only way weve stopped it is to take the ladder off but that might not be very practical for you. only other thing that helped (for a little while) was to block the ladder with a large toybox.

Distel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:35:43

I have just looked at the ladder (after rescuing ds of the top bed) and it looks like once it is unscrewed it might be removable which would be good.

Fennel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:48:27

i am glad my 16 monther hasn't sussed this out yet. she's too busy falling off the climbing frame at home and park. can you not let her in the other children's bedroom perhaps - I keep all the more fragile toys in their room and try and ban under 3's (my own and visiting ones) from going in there.

Fennel Fri 19-Aug-05 09:48:54

sorry, him!

Distel Fri 19-Aug-05 16:53:36

We are living in a 2 bedroom flat at the moment so they only have a bedroom between them. As to your dd at the park, he has not really tried climbing on the climbing frame yet, but there is a very small shallow stream running through our park which ds fell in yesterday.....he growled at it as if to say 'where did that come from'.

Hausfrau Fri 19-Aug-05 17:01:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NannyL Fri 19-Aug-05 17:57:09

what about one of those ladder guard things that they use in IKEA and bed shops to stop kids climbing on the diplays...

is expect if you went in and asked they (might) be happy to help or at least tell you where they get them from!

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