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Seeking Penguin fruit cake recipe

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Annies85 Sun 03-Dec-17 12:24:19

Hi Our traditional family Christmas cake was the plain Fruit Cake from the Bee Nilson Penguin Cooker Book. I want to make it for my Mum this Christmas but the PAGE IS MISSING!!!!!! From over use I imagine. It's a long shot but does anyone have that book who could pass on the recipe? It's p 339/340 in our edition. Recipe number 337.
Ta to all

raspberryrippleicecream Thu 04-Jan-18 23:30:58

I've just seen this, and obviously too late for Christmas just gone. However I do have this book and recipe if you still want it?

dongm12 Sat 17-Nov-18 12:14:39

I would very much like a copy of the Bee Nilsen Christmas Cake recipe .
could you send it by email Please?
Many thanks
Don Mason

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