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Question about eggs

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DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Fri 19-May-17 13:33:55

If eggs go out of date say on the 2nd of may but I bake a cake with them on the 1st of may, does that mean the cake won't be any good on the 2nd of may?

Orangedaisy Fri 19-May-17 13:38:58

Cake will be fine. Cooking the eggs and adding sugar etc (as a natural preservative as such) cancels out the date issue.

Gunpowder Fri 19-May-17 13:42:58

Eggs go ages after their best before if you keep them in the fridge.

MikeUniformMike Fri 19-May-17 13:44:00

The cake will be good for however long the cake should keep. e.g if recipe says that the cake will keep 5 days then it will be ok on 6th may.

Eggs usually are ok for a few weeks but the fresher the better. there's an easy test to check if eggs are not good.

mummabearfoyrbabybears Fri 19-May-17 13:54:26

Can you eat that egg?
By Scott Matthews
If not sure you ought-ter,
then place it in water.
If it lies on its side,
then it’s fresh; eat with pride.
After three or four days,
at an angle it lays.
But, it still is a treat,
so go on and eat.
Ten days, stands on end,
in your baking ’twill blend.
‘Cause it’s definitely edible,
in your baking, incredible.

But, if it floats on the surface,
that egg serves no purpose.
‘Cause a floater’s a stinker!
Out the back door best fling ‘er!

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Fri 19-May-17 14:11:48

Thanks everyone, I thought it would be fine but kept second guessing myself blush

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