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No golden caster sugar, would normal caster be better than golden granulated?

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MagnumAddict Sat 08-Apr-17 12:48:38

As title suggests, recipe calls for golden caster sugar for coffee and walnut loaf but I only have either ordinary caster sugar or I have granulated golden sugar.

Which one should I use? Or would I be better making a trip to shops to get the proper ingredient?! Toddler in tow so hoping to avoid that if I can....

kittybiscuits Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:06

Ordinary caster will be fine!

namechange20050 Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:22

Use the caster sugar

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:42

In the absence of anyone else, I would use ordinary caster sugar.

Rubytuesday2980 Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:52

Caster would be best as granulated will not be fine enough and the cake could end up gritty. Happy baking!

ElizaDontlittle Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:54

Ordinary caster sugar will be fine - actually neither will be disastrous. You can grind granulated in a blender if you feel really inspired!!

Optimist1 Sat 08-Apr-17 12:50:56

Agree with kitty. It's the texture rather than the colour that's more important to the end result.

BarbaraWoodlouse Sat 08-Apr-17 12:51:05

I would use normal caster sugar. Have substituted like this before with no problems. smile

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sat 08-Apr-17 12:51:15

Ha. There were other people here! Do it OP!

Svalberg Sat 08-Apr-17 12:52:28

Have you got a grinder? If so, whizz the granulated round in that for a very short time (not too long or you'll get golden icing sugar). Otherwise, I'd use the granulated.

Svalberg Sat 08-Apr-17 12:53:45

Sorry, I meant the caster!!!!!

MagnumAddict Sat 08-Apr-17 12:56:19

I was worried I wouldn't get a reply in here! So grateful, thank-you!

I'll use my normal caster sugar today.

Just got back in to baking after making a lovely simple banana loaf and now looking for other delicious things to bake in a 2lb loaf tin. Today's request comes from DH but I think I'll be back in this topic soon looking for more inspiration!

Thanks again

MagnumAddict Mon 10-Apr-17 16:41:36

Just as an update my coffee and walnut Cake was delicious despite using ordinary caster sugar.

Thanks again, I might not have bothered making it and would have missed out!

poisonedbypen Mon 10-Apr-17 16:49:14

Why would golden make any difference? It's just more expensive (I presume). It is, after all, just sugar!

MagnumAddict Mon 10-Apr-17 17:11:41

It has a different taste apparently and makes the end result a different colour so I thought it was safe to assume it may be necessary for certain recipes. I don't think it's any more expensive.

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