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How to store cupcakes

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Moominmama79 Sun 02-Apr-17 08:18:56

Hi, I am a hobby baker but rarely bake cupcakes, I mostly do cakes. It's my nephews birthday tomorrow and I planned on making cupcakes today with a chocolate ganache topping. Will they stay fresh and how do I store them in the meantime? I won't have time to do them tomorrow as I'm working then going to the party straight after school.

hangingkebab Sun 02-Apr-17 08:21:15

Home bargains often have those cardboard/sellophane trays that bakeries use, I think they'd be fine in those for 24 hours...cupcakes are a pain to store I find as you can't stack 'em!

Moominmama79 Sun 02-Apr-17 08:23:48

I have some of those boxes to keep them in but was wondering if they would stay fresh? And is it OK to leave them out at room temperature with a ganache topping?

TinfoilHattie Sun 02-Apr-17 08:25:36

I stick mine in a plastic tub like the ones you get chocolates in at Christmas. Would imagine the ganache would be fine as long as you leave the box in a cool place and not in direct sunlight.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Sun 02-Apr-17 08:26:22

If I'm making anything with a gamache topping they do go in the fridge. It means there is no food in there to actually eat though.

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