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Charity bake sale HELP

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Cali13 Sat 25-Mar-17 13:57:58

Hey. So I'm doing a skydive in August for beat (eating disorder charity) and I need to raise 450 quid. I have set up an online fundraising page but also wanted to do a bake sale. I'm a good baker (make my daughters bday cakes, family bday cakes and cupcakes etc) but I have no idea where to hold this sale !! I heard some places you need insurance but I dont think I'd want to spend loads on that and maybe not even making the money back through the bake sale?! Really don't know who else to ask for advice on this. Any experiences or helpful advice. Thanks

BackforGood Sat 25-Mar-17 21:36:35

You really need to do it somewhere that people know you, so, your work, or at your dc's school, or playgroup, or if you were a Churchgoer, at Church, etc. I don't think you'd get far just setting up like a yard sale. Even places like table top sales, the organisers often arrange the cakes and tea sales themselves, but you could ask at something like that I suppose.

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