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Help with my wedding cake.....think I have mucked up!!

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Soon2bC Wed 25-Jan-17 13:35:30

Last weekend we baked our bottom tier of wedding cake. it is a 12" square rich fruit cake.
I followed instructions and baked for just under the time specified and it seemed ok.
Once cooled the top has gone rock solid! I have fed it and wrapped it and it appears to have softened.

the cake seems light in colour compared to my Christmas cake which was really dark and moist (same recipe but larger quantities for wed cake) and a bit dry / crumbly . I cant remember what the consistency of Christmas cake was prior to feeding and maturing.

How does maturing change the cake consistency? will it darken and soften or have I over baked this and ruined a ton of fruit, eggs, butter and flour?

any help would be appreciated at this point as i only have 3 months until the wedding so if i need to make a new one i need to start now!

thank you in advance

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