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Defrosting cake

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WestYorkshireGirl Thu 12-Jan-17 07:02:25

For the first time I have tried to make life easier for myself re DD'a birthday and made 2 halves of a sponge cake and frozen them to ice tomorrow night. When I get out to defrost, will it take long and should I unwrap them from cling film so they don't go soggy and put in a tin do you think?

NicknameUsed Thu 12-Jan-17 07:09:10

The cake might be easier to ice before it has fully defrosted. Are you using buttercream? If so, just do a crumb layer while it is still frozen, let it set and then do another layer.

Incidentally you could have frozen it already iced with buttercream. I have done this loads of times, and once it has defrosted you would never know it had been frozen.

bookbook Thu 12-Jan-17 17:46:46

I freeze a lot of cakes - they de frost quickly , and they can dry out quickly too, so I would leave in clingfilm.

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