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Berries for a winter wedding cake

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Femp2012 Wed 16-Nov-16 12:28:25

Has anyone made a naked cake and decorated with winter berries? Any recommendations for what type of berries to use? Thanks!

Pestilence13610 Wed 16-Nov-16 12:37:03

Winter berries tend to be cranberries, sloe, hawthorn and rowan, all pretty but not really edible in their raw state.
You could go blueberry and blackberry dusted with icing sugar.
Have you searched pinterest or similar for ideas?

Femp2012 Wed 16-Nov-16 13:20:50

Yes seen a lovely cake and has strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and possibly redcurrants. All dusted with icing sugar. just unsure how readily available they will all be in the week before Christmas!

DirtyDancing Sun 11-Dec-16 10:42:02

I'm sure you can get them all year round these days.. but they won't be cheap as flown in from abroad

Femp2012 Tue 17-Jan-17 02:17:53

Ah thanks,
I managed to get some in a local farm shop in the end!

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