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Shop made pastry

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Memoires Sun 13-Nov-16 13:35:25

I discovered something!

I can't roll pastry. It simply won't cooperate with me and starts sticking and breaks and stuff. Pastry was fine when I learnt to make it at my gm's knee, and for most of my life, it was a skill I had down pat. Sudden disability, pg etc stopped me making pastry for a loooong time and now I buy it. But I can't roll it, someone else has to do that bit for me, and it's never quite right.

The other day, I was sooooo frustrated I threw a large handful of flour at the mess on my board. I kneaded it (gently). Better. More flour went in. PERFECT!!!!!

People, I CAN roll pastry! I always could. I just bowed my head to the Gods of Mechanisation and let myself believe I was wrong and they were right. "Do not adjust the pastry the Gods have deemed is perfect and sold to you."

Ha, I feel better now. grin

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Sun 13-Nov-16 13:41:08

I buy pastry as I don't like getting butter and flour stuck up my fingernails, but it really isn't as nice as home made, is it?! Glad you've figured out the secret to making yours more manageable.

I now resolve to make my own pastry for mince pies this year. Bought mince pies are rank and those made with bought pastry are only marginally better. <dreams of mince pies from our old butcher which used lard or dripping in the pastry> <drool>

Memoires Sun 13-Nov-16 14:10:29

Ah! We're lucky with mince pies, we have a farmer with a stall on the markey whose wife makes the most delectable mince pies!

We start 'testing' shop mince pies about now, I don't know why as they're never that nice no matter where we get then (we have limited choice of supermarket too).

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