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Substituted flora buttery for butter...mix too watery?

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MissClarke86 Sat 12-Nov-16 14:59:46

Hi ladies,

I very rarely bake...

I've just made the batter for a chocolate cake and realised I hadn't bought enough butter, so I substituted it for flora buttery.

I still added the milk etc as it said in the recipe (it also called for coffee) and it's now in the oven, but I've since read that using margarine instead of butter can be too liquidy. It did seem very liquidy!

It's in the oven now so it seems a bit late. Will it be horrid? Can I just cook it for longer?

ppeatfruit Wed 16-Nov-16 13:23:27

Oh dear! If it says to use for baking on the pack then it should be fine, but often those margerines are not suitable for baking as you said. Read the pack.

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