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Bread sticking in the tin! At the end of my tether

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tillytubby Sun 30-Oct-16 06:14:56

I've been baking my own bread for nearly two years and have gone through countless supposedly non stick tins in that time. They start off ok but after a few months use the non stick fails and I end up cutting the bread out with a pallet knife and scratching the tin to add to its woes. This also inevitably leads to bread covered in non stick coating residue which I have to scrape off!

I recently spent £20 on a Lakeland earthenware loaf tin which by the description sounded like the answer. But again spent 20mibs prising it out and another ruined tin!

Where am i going wrong? I always grease the tin first and that usually is enough at first. Is there a better range on the market without this problem?

canyou Sun 30-Oct-16 06:18:16

I now use tge silicone plastic type and then remove the bread when 'set' ie will hold its shape and continue baking.
But looking forward to an answer as I think it may be the material use now I remember my Nana having an old battered heavy tin that never stuck with only a dusting if flour.

BertrandRussell Sun 30-Oct-16 06:23:39

Have you tried greasing then flouring?

shutthatbloodydoor Sun 30-Oct-16 06:27:36

I don't bother with a tin. My loaves are a rustic because I just vaguely shape them on a baking sheet covered in baking parchment.

SpaceDinosaur Sun 30-Oct-16 06:34:12

<nods sagely>

Silicone "tins" are freaking awesome!

Take the £20 one back to Lakeland. They should refund you if it's not up to the jo

4merlyknownasSHD Mon 31-Oct-16 09:37:20

Your "Grease" may be the problem. What are you using? Olive Oil goes sticky at high temperatures (and they are certainly high for bread). I use an anodised aluminium one which I grease with block butter (not a spreadable with additives) and then dust with flour. My loaves literally drop out when I turn the pan over.

PinkSwimGoggles Mon 31-Oct-16 09:40:15

I have the same issue. greasing with butter and flouring helps. but what helps best is waiting 2 min. the loaf shrinks slightly and comes out easily.
or just go freeform

BertrandRussell Mon 31-Oct-16 10:42:14

My bread on,y sticks when it's not a very good loaf- if I've overproved it or put it in too cool an oven.

I use butter to grease and I do it very thoroughly. Then I flour-also very thoroughly.

You can buy a spray from Lakeland that' supposed to work well. There's also a thing called Baker's Friend you can make.......

PhantomPringles Mon 31-Oct-16 10:45:14

I use spray oil to grease pans, or just flour on baking trays. may be worth buying some foil lined parchment as nothing sticks to the parchment side and I have found it better than just parchment. But otherwise silicon is the future.

tillytubby Thu 03-Nov-16 11:28:26

Thanks everyone, think I will be trying something else to grease the pans with other than olive oil in future.

I emailed Lakeland and they have given me a full refund and said there's no need to send the loaf pan back! Very pleased with this.

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