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Do 3 large eggs = 4 medium eggs?

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Oatsinajar Sat 15-Oct-16 18:32:22


So I'm planning to make Victoria sandwich (Mary Berry's recipe). Recipe calls for 4 medium sized eggs. Would 3 large eggs do? I've only got 3 large eggs left.

Ausernotanumber Sat 15-Oct-16 18:33:34

There's a chart here

Clutterbugsmum Sat 15-Oct-16 18:34:55

Weight the eggs and then do the same amount of flour,sugar and butter.

Ausernotanumber Sat 15-Oct-16 18:35:04 And here

Ausernotanumber Sat 15-Oct-16 18:36:10

For a Victoria sponge though it's easy.

Measure in oz.

2 eggs =4 oz flour / butter / sugar

3 eggs = 6 oz

And so on

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