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Drip cake help! What went wrong???

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Mooseville Sat 27-Aug-16 09:42:35

I today tried to make one of those trendy drip cakes - it was just a practise so baked a choc fudge cake with smooth buttercream and then tried to drip a White choc ganache...
First lot was too thin but then the second batch I made was also really see through and you just couldn't see the drips against the dark chocolate? I've now ended up with a choc fudge with a white choc mirror glaze (which I didn't realise I had made!)
Any tips for how to do the 'drip?'

NeedACostaDetox Sat 27-Aug-16 14:29:21

I haven't tried it myself, but my go to for stuff I'm going to try 1st time is to watch a lot of videos on Youtube. Ganache is something tricky to make and white chocolate can be a right pain at the best of times, so is it worth rethinking and doing a light icing and a dark choc ganache instead?

Mooseville Sat 27-Aug-16 14:49:27

Probably a good idea! It was just a test run, after watching many you tube videos!! Practise makes perfect I guess!!

NeedACostaDetox Sat 27-Aug-16 15:17:48

My problem is that my skills don't match my children's Pinterest fuelled requests grin

Good luck!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 27-Aug-16 15:21:26

I had to google as I didn't know this was a thing but I make cake as like that and use icing sugar usually with lemon essence or icing sugar and cocoa plus orange. The secret is for it to be thicker than you think and pile loads on and watch it drip!

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sat 27-Aug-16 15:21:36

The last time I did that, I used melted chocolate for the drips and waited until it wasn't very runny to do it.

I then put the melted chocolate on the top of the cake and gently pushed it over the edges to make the drips.

I hope this helps

GoulashSoup Sat 27-Aug-16 15:29:18

Did you chill the cake? do the drips onto a cold cake and it will help them set as they are dripping.

SleepDeprivedAndCranky Sat 27-Aug-16 15:35:24

Try whipping the ganache less, fold instead. The more you whip/beat, the runnier it will become. Use a higher cocoa content chocolate too (Mix with a 1/3 milk chocolate to avoid it being too bitter)

Mooseville Sat 27-Aug-16 15:52:05

Cake was chilled!
I didn't whip, just used cream and white choc.
Right I will try again next week, using a dark drip and these tips!

Here's how it ended up! No drips! Lol

NeedACostaDetox Sat 27-Aug-16 16:08:04

Looks yummy. I think it might be more effective with light icing and dark chocolate. Like the suggestion of just chocolate rather than a ganache - sounds much simpler.

SleepDeprivedAndCranky Sat 27-Aug-16 19:08:17

I usually use double cream (thicker than single cream) and cream cheese mixed with icing sugar and some almond/vanilla extract. A squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice would take the edge off the sweetness. Your cake looks really good.

Mooseville Sat 27-Aug-16 22:47:35

Thanks for the tips. The cake looks ok, it's just not the drip effect I wanted as when the ganache ran thin I just ended up pouring it over to hide the bad drips.
I'll try again with a dark drip on white and see what happens. I just wonder how they do the neon drip cake things as that must be white choc with gel colouring surely? Anyway, one step at a time.... I'll try darker choc next!!!!

SleepDeprivedAndCranky Mon 29-Aug-16 13:05:54

You could try looking on YouTube. They probably use gel colours in a separate bowl (thicker mix) and spoon it on

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