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Crap choclaote

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Dorisdolalee Mon 22-Aug-16 19:36:19

What can I bake with crap dark chocolate. We are talking Morrisons 25p special. It tastes really sugary and vanillery though it is 40% cocoa. I was thinking brownies. - something that doesn't rely on good chocolate

VioletBam Tue 23-Aug-16 05:07:54

Put it into some muffins. Or use it to make a ganache for a basic chocolate sponge.

BeeMyBaby Tue 23-Aug-16 05:13:41

I always use rubbishy cheap chocolate for brownies, as long as it's dark it always tastes fine

I'd chop it up and use it as chocolate chunks in something like banana bread, or use it to top/drizzle over flapjack.
Really you can out it in any sort of baking where the chocolate is surplus to requirements but a nice extra.

Dorisdolalee Tue 23-Aug-16 10:01:48

Ok thank you. Nicecuppa I made choc chip cookies with them and all
I could think was how horrid the choc chips were so
Not sure...

I suppose I think the chocolate chip makes the cookie whereas in banana bread it's just an extra. If it's really that awful, save it for that TOTM and I'm sure it will be eaten then!

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