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Cake Tin Advice

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clayspaniel Mon 22-Aug-16 12:18:06

Just wondering what the most versatile cake tin size is (diameter and depth). I've always failed at cake making so thought I'd try again with possibly better equipment.

Also wondering, when making a cake do you put both tins in oven at the same time, or together, but then one tin would be higher than the other? Or should you just make a deeper cake, then cut it in half to put filling in?

4merlyknownasSHD Mon 22-Aug-16 15:37:14

Spaniel, not every cake comes in two halves. I assume that you are talking about a cake with two layers and you are planning to put jam, cream or icing in the middle (or a combination). If your oven is a Fan oven, then placing them on different shelves will be OK. If not, they should be on the same shelf (and if Gas, both at the front of the shelf) so you cook evenly. Cooking at different times as the baking powder will activate when it hits the wet ingredients and the rise of the second cake to cook will shoot its bolt if it has to wait.

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