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Healthy birthday cake

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PebbleTTC Sun 17-Jul-16 11:41:06

Is there such thing as a healthy birthday cake for 1 year old? Want to hold off giving processed sugar for the moment and don't want to do fruit shapes.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sun 17-Jul-16 11:49:18

You could try honey or stevia or dates?
Also coconut flour instead of wheat one ...

VioletBam Sun 17-Jul-16 11:51:12

Festive but v healthy.

mzS1990 Sun 17-Jul-16 11:53:27

I don't have any advice except - it's a birthday. Give her/him some birthday cake cakewink

PebbleTTC Sun 17-Jul-16 12:25:23

mzS1990 I know it is a birthday and I do want to give cake but am looking for sugar alternative cake

PebbleTTC Sun 17-Jul-16 12:25:54

Can you give 1 year old honey in cake?

Houseconfusion Sun 17-Jul-16 12:33:43

Honey is no healthier than sugar. Sugar is sugar is sugar. It's a complete misconception about sugar that people think fructose/glucose/honey/corn syrup are not sugar.

Secondly. Not sure if it's a first baby, but a bit of birthday cake at 1 is absolutely on the okay spectrum of things.

OreosOreosOreos Sun 17-Jul-16 12:38:06

I bake with coconut sugar, which has a lower gi than normal white sugar. Or date syrup or Apple purée, although you have to experiment a bit with those as they can change the texture.

I find that you can usually reduce the sugar content by quite a bit anyway with it still tasting good.

PeterRabbitt Sun 17-Jul-16 12:47:27

I make a carrot cake with wholemeal flour, maple syrup and coconut oil amongst other things. It's still not 'healthy' but it's much better for the kids than a shop bought Colin the caterpillar that I'd dearly love to eat but need to lose baby weight sadsad

AnotherTimeMaybe Sun 17-Jul-16 13:03:21

OP yes you can give honey after one have a look at what NHS says as well just to be sure
And yes honey is better than processed sugar, it's digested much much easier

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