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Help - my fudge is like tablet with a bullet proof vest on

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loosechange Thu 07-Jul-16 21:44:02

What did I do wrong?

I read around, used a BBC good food recipe, and decided to mix at 110F to have softer fudge. Humph. U even faffed about wiping the side of the pan with warm water to dissolve any sugar crystals, - until I got bored of that part and stopped -.

I went to vigorously beat it when it was just under 60C (slightly above 110F) because a reviewer had done this successfully with the same ingredients. I would need a drill!!

I now have a rock solid lump of toffee, coated in 1tbsp of vanilla essence and 1/4tsp of sea salt. Bent in half an initially I thought maybe I could beat it into submission.


This is all the fault of the thread discussing cake sales. I read about someone making away salt and vanilla fudge, and my stomach said yes.

MN - we need a tantrum throwing emoticon. The cross face one is inadequate for this.

Help. (For the next batch, clearly, this batch is buggered!)

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 07-Jul-16 21:46:17

I think slow cooker fudge is the way to go .Not tried it, but am on a slow cooker site and it works every time from what i see. Slow cooked wonders on facebook.

loosechange Thu 07-Jul-16 22:17:55

That could be a plan. I have a ginormous slow cooker.

Although this could enable me to make an even bigger cock up.

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