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need to use up currants, please help!

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Helenmcnamara Wed 16-Mar-16 08:08:43

So I kind of messed up at Christmas and have 2kg (ha ha!) of currants left from making mincemeat, christmas cake, Christmas pudding. I really want to get them used up, and am just making endless currant biscuits/cookies and fruit loaf. Any ideas- sweet, savoury all welcomed!

SunnySomer Wed 16-Mar-16 08:10:39

Eccles cakes/Chorley cakes?

ToastedOrFresh Wed 16-Mar-16 08:11:56

Are you making hot cross buns ?

DartmoorDoughnut Wed 16-Mar-16 08:15:43

Rock cakes are good, kids love them and so simple to make.

DartmoorDoughnut Wed 16-Mar-16 08:18:38

Excuse the spelling/writing, I wrote this when I was about 13!

ToastedOrFresh Wed 16-Mar-16 08:33:55

Chelsea Buns ? Currant scones ?

Pan au raisins but using currants ?

Currant shortbread ?

MissBeaHaving Wed 16-Mar-16 08:57:18

Welsh cakes?

They can be made using just currants but you can also add other ingredients/flavours,

MissBeaHaving Wed 16-Mar-16 08:58:50

Forgot to add they are extra nice if you soak the currants for 24 hours,amaretto is gorgeous for this.

PurpleDaisies Wed 16-Mar-16 09:00:55

Soak them in rum and eat then with ice cream or add them to pancakes (they are particularly nice in banana pancakes).

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 16-Mar-16 14:52:46

Sprinkle them in your porridge every day,

reallybadidea Wed 16-Mar-16 15:07:29

Christmas pudding and mincemeat keep very well - I'd make this Christmas's now (or at least before they go out of date)

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