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Need to make someone a treat... With these ingredients!

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Bellyrub1980 Fri 18-Dec-15 08:27:36

I have:

Plain flour
Caster sugar
Stork marg
A variety of spices
Dessicated coconut
Icing sugar

Doesn't have to include all those things but promised I'd bake a treat for a friend.

(Too lazy to go out for eggs!)

Costacoffeeplease Fri 18-Dec-15 08:45:22

Shortbread biscuits? Could top with icing and coconut?

Lomaamina Sat 19-Dec-15 22:05:08

Coconut macaroons? If you have chocolate, you could dip them in melted chocolate after baking

Lomaamina Sat 19-Dec-15 22:05:50

Oops, just saw no eggs!

iwannadancewithsomebody Sat 19-Dec-15 22:18:26


If you have vegetable oil and carrots, carrot cake?

No egg treacle cake

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