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URGENT! Biscotti disaster! Please help

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grundrisse Mon 14-Dec-15 17:20:16

I'm baking this, for Christmas presents, and it's a disaster:

(I'm doing the chocolate and hazlenut ones).

I followed the recipe religiously (and yes, I did put in the extra flour and yes, I did take it easy on the egg). When I mixed it, the dough wasn't sticky - it looked right. But I've (first) baked it for 50 minutes now, and it's still way too gooey to slice for the second bake. When I try, I don't get slices so much as gooey collapsed chocolate mush.

is there a way to rescue this? Should I just keep it in a low oven for even longer?

WowOoo Mon 14-Dec-15 17:55:28

Keep it on low and fingers crossed. It'll firm up after you've taken it out again, surely.

Think of it as a learning experience! Recipe sounds lovely.

If it makes you feel any better I've made Panforte (italian biscotti) that is so hard i'm scared it'll break my teeth. I think i used too much syrup/sugar. It tastes lovely as long as I don't try to chew it too much - but I can't give it to my elderly friends who don't have many strong teeth left grin

grundrisse Tue 15-Dec-15 14:32:21

I'm afraid it was so gooey that the mix collapsed. It was flat!! However, I have cut it up into slices and I am presenting it instead to workmates as sinfully gooey chocolate and orange squares. They taste amazing, but biscotti they ain't!!

I'll try and make other biscuits tomorrow instead! (don't feel brave enough to try biscotti again!). Any suggestions of things that will keep for around a week to 10 days?

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