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Icing. (I really need the answer to this to be yes)

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ridingsixwhitehorses Fri 11-Dec-15 09:37:54

Decorating the birthday cake and fairy cakes for Dd bday party on sun morning. Today is literally the only time I have to do it (new baby, mum coming to hold him today while I make cake). I am using Betty Crocker ready made spreadable buttercream style icing and Dr oetker cupcake coming in a spray aerosol. (Yes I know icing easy to make but I have a new baby!).

If I do the icing today and put in airtight containers will they be ok for Sunday morning? Need them to be a) edible and b) not kill anyone. Taste I am less worried about.

Gliblet Fri 11-Dec-15 09:44:40

They should be fine as long as the containers are clean and so is everything you use to apply the icing (hands included!). Those ready made ones have so many preservatives in them they're not going to go 'off' in a couple of days. Make sure you store them somewhere cool and preferably dark though.

Bunbaker Fri 11-Dec-15 10:17:17

It will be fine. I keep cakes with buttercream on for a few days because they don't all get eaten at once.

I hope your DD enjoys her party.

MrsHathaway Fri 11-Dec-15 10:35:07

Most people with a new baby buy a cake. You're doing splendidly.

Will be absolutely fine. Hope they have a good time.

ridingsixwhitehorses Fri 11-Dec-15 12:42:44

Hooray and thank you. Xx

ridingsixwhitehorses Sun 13-Dec-15 15:08:15

Update - they were fine. Hadn't even gone crusty.

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