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Stand mixer or food processor?

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Barbeasty Wed 09-Dec-15 21:13:32

My old Kenwood multi pro food processor fell apart today and, although I managed to wedge it together well enough to finish what I was making, it needs to be replaced.

I used it mainly for making cakes and pastry, then once a year use it to make all the breadcrumbs I need for Christmas. All done with the whizzing knife blade attachment. I can't remember when I last used anything else on it.

Would I be better off getting a straight replacement, or something like a kmix which I suspect is better for cakes and then look at getting a small blender next year?

Thankfully I've already got all my breadcrumbs ready in the freezer and most of the baking done.

hooliodancer Fri 11-Dec-15 11:34:18

I use my stand mixer for cakes and pastry- and bread- and personally think this is better than using the processor as you get more air in cakes. Pastry is better than using the food processor I think, because you can't overdo it. I love my kitchenaid! But, I use my food processor a lot too,most days.

If I had to have just one I would choose the food processor though! I make pates and soups, chop vegetables in it, none of which the stand mixer could do.

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