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Where to Live in Glasgow

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MovingtoGlasgow Sat 03-Oct-15 20:56:33


We are a family of four, one toddler who is 2.5 years and a new born (1 month). We are moving to Glasgow next month and wanted to know where we should live. Ideally looking for family areas esp where there r lots of toddler activities going on.. like messy play, dance, toddler groups, swimming classes etc.. We would be looking to rent for the first few months.. a 3-4 bedroom flat/house.. budget of around £1200.

Thanks a lot...

BlueMonday17 Sun 18-Oct-15 00:50:05

Hi, you should probably try to get this moved to the chat section, or the local Glasgow section, to get more replies...

West End has plenty going on (library, parks, Kelvingrove and Botanic Gardens), a lot of classes and good public transport. Plenty of flats, although also a lot of students so choose your block carefully if you want to avoid frequent parties. Areas are Hillhead, Hyndland, Downhill. Partick also nearby and a bit cheaper.

Further west Scotstoun is good (nice park, leisure centre with pool nearby), more houses available here.

We moved from Hillhead to Muirend in the south side (just over the boundary into East Renfrewshire rather than Glasgow City council area). Further out but nice parks and a local leisure centre and pool, good transport links, plus some of the best state schools in Scotland. Decent number of toddler/baby classes. Mostly houses but lots of flats nearby in Cathcart just down the road.

Glasgow is a great city to live in. Hope you find somewhere and that the move goes smoothly.

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