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Ganache - 1 layer or 2

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CrumbledFeta Fri 18-Sep-15 13:11:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 18-Sep-15 13:18:57

I do one coat, but it's a bit hit and miss as to the final finish.

I keep it moving till the last possible moment if I want a smooth finish ...stir genty until it looks like it is just on the edge of spreadable solid, flash it over a low heat to bring it back just a fraction and then pour it slowly on the cake and then whip the whole lot briefly into the fridge and hope it does not all run off and puddle on the plate.

More usually I slather it on and go's just less bother. #unhelpful

BreeVDKamp Mon 21-Sep-15 08:50:56

Dip your palate (palette???) knife in hot water (AND WIPE DRY!) before smoothing to keep ganache nice and spreadable on top of cold layer 1. You'll need to keep beating your knife like this but it will work well.

BreeVDKamp Mon 21-Sep-15 08:51:31

Heating, not beating.

Sorry if advice is too late!!

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