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Buy a rectangle pan or cut end off square?

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StickyGripper Sun 13-Sep-15 12:30:07

Apologies for a really basic question.
I need to make a birthday cake and it needs to be rectangle shape as it is a Tardis.
With regards to the best possible bake outcome, do you think it is best to use a rectangle pan or buy a big square one and cut the edge off?

Osmiornica Sun 13-Sep-15 18:35:05

You'll get more use out of a square one I'd have thought. I'd cut both sides though rather than just the one to make it even.

PurpleDaisies Sun 13-Sep-15 18:40:15

I have this tin which is fantastic.!49!3!69394235069!!!g!42887139984!&ef_id=VfW0dQAAAGkQyC-g:20150913173757:s

To be honest if you're covering the cake with buttercream and fondant it won't make any different whether you make a rectangle cake or chopping bits off a square one.

Happy baking!

LetThereBeCupcakes Sun 13-Sep-15 19:00:39

You should chop down a square cake so you can scoff check the offcut. Best way of ensuring it's cooked properly.

Osmiornica Sun 13-Sep-15 21:19:34

Ah yes, of course LetTherebecaupcakes. I forgot the main reason for doing a square one - leftovers! grin

StickyGripper Mon 14-Sep-15 07:25:20

Purple, that is just what I need and I am actually just off to Lakeland right now! I need to watch my storage space and seem to be doing more and more baking so that will be very handy.

Thanks everyone.

PurpleDaisies Mon 14-Sep-15 07:49:12

I feel like I should be paid commission from Lakeland-I've recommended that tin to so many people! It really is good too. The only thing to remember is you have to pick it up from the bottom. I forgot once and had a nightmare trying to get the frame back over four not quite cooked 6in square chocolate sponge cakes.

Have fun with your Tardis!

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