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Edible cake glitter on cream cheese frosting?

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gourd Wed 29-Jul-15 11:43:04

Making a white unicorn (tray bake, cut into large horse face shape) cake for DD's 5th birthday. It will be a firm nut-free carrot or beetroot cake with cream cheese frosting on top as nobody actually likes sugar paste/fondant icing so sugar paste will only be used for the mane and unicorn horn.

Would like to use edible glitter on the white cream-cheese-frosted cake - do I just sprinkle it on top at the last minute before serving? Is it going to dissolve if I do it earlier than last minute? What colour, white or silver, will show up best on cream cheese (reviews are mixed regarding white edible glitter saying it doesn't really show up).

Does the glitter stuff taste foul? If so I will omit that on the cake itself, and instead just use some pink glitter on the pink sugar paste mane - but how do I stick it onto the sugar paste icing? Do I have to use edible glue or can I just dust/sprinkle it on at the last minute?

Discopanda Thu 30-Jul-15 22:23:20

Should be fine to do the night before (my BF uses edible glitter for regular butter cream, cream cheese should also be fine because they aren't too wet), edible glitter is taste free, it's usually mica powder. There are lots of different shades of white so if I were you I'd go for silver instead.

LBOCS2 Fri 04-Sep-15 16:20:36

You can also get a shimmer spray by Wiltons which might do the job?

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