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Your best giant cupcake and buttercream recipe please!

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BatCrapCrazy Thu 11-Jun-15 10:51:30

I've bought a giant cupcake tin to make my sons birthday cake tonight.
Does anyone have a particular recipe you can recommend? Also, how the feck do I make butter icing (I've bought a piping bag thingymbob)


Purplehonesty Thu 11-Jun-15 11:11:49

Just use a Victoria sponge recipe but as its quite a large deep tin add a couple oz extra flour.
Butter icing - get some good quality butter and mix with x3 amount of icing sugar and a bit of vanilla essence. Really mix it well til it goes white with a mixer.

The top of the giant cupcake cooks much faster than the bottom as its less volume. I always put the bottom part in the oven first for ten mins then take it out and add cake mix into the top section.

You will need cake release to get the cake out of the tin or it will stick.
You could try buttering it well and flouring but it might still stick

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