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Breadmaker loaf's crust is too crispy - needs to be a bit chewier - what should I add?

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KatyMac Thu 30-Apr-15 07:28:19

Normal recipe flour/water/oil/salt/sugar/yeast

Can't add milk/egg as I'm intolerant - so what should I add?

mousmous Thu 30-Apr-15 07:30:31

does it have a 'light' 'dark' setting?
leaving the loaf over night wrapped in a kitchen towel also helps.

Goodpresentideaplease Thu 30-Apr-15 08:41:30

I second wrapping it in a clean dry tea towel as soon as it comes out. That will really soften the crust to a lovely level.

Goodpresentideaplease Thu 30-Apr-15 08:41:51

I would not leave it overnight though, just until it is cool enough to put away.

Katymac Sat 16-May-15 09:57:37

Thanks guys I never got to try your ideas because the next 3 loaves came out like bricks

So I bought some new yeast & I am about to try again

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