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no grease proof paper for a cake

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PavlovtheCat Sun 29-Mar-15 08:49:24

Making a marble cake and have no greaseproof paper, what else can I use? Will lining with butter work? Or can I use foil?

Thanks smile

momtothree Sun 29-Mar-15 08:55:43

Use something greecy them flour - tip any remaining flour out once covered.

figgypuddings Sun 29-Mar-15 08:58:27

You could try buttering your cake tin then put a tablespoonful of flour on top of the buttered bit and turn the cake tin so all the flour sticks to the butter.

Failing that, I have used muffin cake papers flattened out but you need quite a few.

PavlovtheCat Sun 29-Mar-15 21:50:23

Thanks both, I greased and floured the tin, worked fine smile shame the marble effect didn't work so well grin

For he future; butter papers work fine and, in an emergency, I have used ordinary printer paper and greased it with a little oil on a pastry brush. Worked just as well, but thicker that greaseproof paper so harder to fit into corners.
What went wrong with the marbling effect?

the, obviously ...

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