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HELP!! Ds and cake decoration

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MistressofIndecision Tue 20-Jan-15 12:17:43

DS is doing food tech at school, today he is making a sponge cake, all well and good, but this morning he tells us that he is decorating it tomorrow!

What are you decorating it with? I asked him
Anything! We can decorate it with anything we like! came the reply

So any suggestions of what he can decorate it with? As you can probably tell I'm not a baker, (understatement of the year!) He's in year 9 if that makes any difference!

I'm hoping he will be more helpful when he gets home but was hoping to buy supplies on my way home from work, just wish he had given us more notice too hmm

Thanks for any (helpful) suggestions flowers

Greywackejones Tue 20-Jan-15 12:27:26

Betty Crocker does butter cream icing in a pot. About £2.

Or buy butter and icing sugar and make him mix it. Couple of table spoons to softened butter. Quarter of a pat (non salted).

Apply with a normal knife only to the top. Cover thickly.

Smarties mini marshmallows on top dropped about nicely.

Pretty, easy, and for him recognisable. And he can come to tesco with you and 'shop'.

Greywackejones Tue 20-Jan-15 12:28:45

Dr oertker does icing pens, rice paper daisies and stuff. Be in same aisle as Betty Crocker/ baking

MistressofIndecision Tue 20-Jan-15 12:32:40

Thank you Greywackejones, flowers that sounds easy enough for him to do, and yes he can come shopping with me and choose his own decorations grin

DeladionInch Tue 20-Jan-15 12:45:53

Can of squirty cream and a load of strawberries revenge on the teacher when they squirt it round the classroom

Goldmandra Tue 20-Jan-15 12:47:24

Show him how to make glacé icing with a bit of icing sugar and hot water. Less is more.

Greywackejones Tue 20-Jan-15 13:35:33

Welcome! I'm all for easy smile

Hope you get a slice

Allalonenow Tue 20-Jan-15 13:43:56

Cut a pattern into a paper template, put on top of cake, sieve icing sugar over cake, carefully remove template, spend the rest of the lesson eating the cake grin

BobsTaintedLeftLeg Tue 20-Jan-15 13:58:43

What about doing the M&M cake

Betty Crocker all over cake.
Kit Kats or Choc fingers stuck to the side. Sting or ribbon round them.
M&ms or smarties or malteasers chucked on top.

Dead easy and looks like it was hard work.

MistressofIndecision Tue 20-Jan-15 14:44:55

Thanks everyone for your help

bobs not sure that any of the chocolate would make it onto the cake, ds is a chocoholic justlikehismum grin

MistressofIndecision Tue 20-Jan-15 14:46:39

but sounds yum

(must learn to proofread message before posting blush)

BobsTaintedLeftLeg Wed 21-Jan-15 21:37:20

So what'd he do in the end?

MistressofIndecision Fri 23-Jan-15 17:45:45

Hi Bobs he went for your idea in the end, Betty crocker icing with chocolate fingers around the outside and Malteasers on top, it was lovely, thanks for your help cake flowers

BobsTaintedLeftLeg Fri 23-Jan-15 21:34:19

Oh, brilliant!

Chocoholics dream smile

Chilicosrenegade Fri 23-Jan-15 21:38:26

Aw lovely.


Allalonenow Fri 23-Jan-15 22:00:02

Aww how lovely! That's how Marco Pierre White started you know grin

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