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Wholemeal flour - what else to do with it?

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RoseTheHat Thu 15-Jan-15 13:49:27

Hello, novice baker here! Bought some wholemeal flour to do an oat and raisin cookie recipe (a success - hooray!)

Any suggestions on what to do with the remaining enormous bag of flour? Is it nice in muffins for example?

MrsCakesPrecognition Thu 15-Jan-15 13:51:36

Fine in muffins and fairy cakes, tea loaf...pretty much anywhere.

littlequestion Thu 15-Jan-15 21:13:12

Ooh what's the oat and raisin recipe? I tried one last week and they were v expensive to make as had masses of maple syrup in

AGnu Thu 15-Jan-15 21:23:34

Ha! Good timing - I just text DH asking him to pick some up while in the shop so I can try out chapatis!

ZeroFunDame Thu 15-Jan-15 21:27:13

It's great in pretty much everything (except pancakes or sauce ...)

You can experiment with mixing it with white flour in any recipe. Add a smidgen more raising agent than for white flour alone.

I've been using this (bought from Ocado) in cakes for a few years. Wonderful, chewy, flavoursome. I could never go back to ordinary flour now!

RoseTheHat Fri 16-Jan-15 07:38:20

Ooh littlequestion , they were oaty raisin cookies off BBC good food - no maple syrup, uses honey.

RoseTheHat Fri 16-Jan-15 07:41:41

thanks everyone - I shall experiment! Dh would bloody love it if I made him a stack of chapatis grin

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 16-Jan-15 15:26:54

You can use it in pastry. In fact I only realised earlier today that you can use it in Hot Water Crust and Puff as well as Short Crust.

applecatchers36 Fri 16-Jan-15 15:31:08

It's really nice used in a crumble topping with brown sugar, tastes nutty and sweet

PigeonStreet Fri 16-Jan-15 15:33:24

I use half white and half wholemeal flour in apple muffins with brown sugar too - delicious..

tb Thu 22-Jan-15 20:53:07

If you use wholemeal flour to make shortcrust, for a quiche for example, it can turn out rather short, and has a bit of a tendency to crack when you try to line the tin, so might need a bit of 'patching'.

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