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Breadmaker Question

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chancer2014 Sat 03-Jan-15 07:01:33

Does any else's breadmaker get dough wrapped around the paddle anchor? I'm wondering if this inhibits it turning at all? The paddle hole itself sometimes has dough in as well. Also, what do you use to cut the loaf? It's quite difficult to cut reasonably thin slices and it seems that the bread is too springy for the breadknife I've got.

joanne1947 Sat 03-Jan-15 20:34:00

We use this
it works well

PigeonPie Sat 03-Jan-15 20:39:24

Chancer - what breadmachine have you got? Sometimes the paddle doesn't come out of the bread at the end of cooking with mine, but I normally hoik it out with a squewer to make sure it doesn't get lost. Otherwise it's not an issue for us.

Re cutting the bread, I've found that if you can leave it at least 12 hours before cutting it makes it much easier to deal with. So once it's out of the machine and cool store it in an air tight box (the Lock and Lock bread box is great) and it will still taste great, but be easier to cut.

chancer2014 Sun 04-Jan-15 23:37:21

Thanks both. I ve got a silver Panasonic (most recent one - can t recall the product no but it was something like 2050).

BrockAuLit Mon 05-Jan-15 01:45:00

My paddle always gets stuck too, I pull it out with tongs. It's well scratched up now.

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