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crisp flaky crust on bread?

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BreakingDad77 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:02:16

Just wondering how this is achieved?

4merlyknownasSHD Mon 08-Dec-14 09:35:39

Put a bowl of water in the oven and/or throw a glass of water over the oven floor when you put the bread in. It is the steam that makes the crust.

BreakingDad77 Mon 08-Dec-14 10:54:40

Ah cheers, but to make it really flaky do you need a special oven? or can it be done by just keeping up the humidity?

4merlyknownasSHD Mon 08-Dec-14 12:31:34

Just an ordinary oven. That said, it is not a good idea to through a glass of water into a gas oven as it might extinguish the flame, hence the bowl of water. You could also brush the surface of the risen dough with water just before you put it in.

BreakingDad77 Mon 08-Dec-14 14:12:39

Thanks for the advice FKASHD

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