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Has anyone made marshmallows?

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mistressploppy Sun 07-Dec-14 21:39:57

I want to give it a try but it needs to be easy as I am a bit crap at this sort of thing. If it's tricky I won't bother...

And I haven't got a kitchenaid <sob>

PigeonPie Sun 07-Dec-14 21:44:08

I looked at the recipe and decided that it was easier to buy a packet from the supermarket! (sorry)

stargirl1701 Sun 07-Dec-14 21:44:43

Not yet but I am planning to give it a go next week!

18yearstooold Sun 07-Dec-14 21:47:30

I've tried, it worked but its not worth the faff and they don't keep

mistressploppy Sun 07-Dec-14 21:51:48

They don't keep? Oh no, I bought some at the village fete.. <runs off to stuff face>

callamia Sun 07-Dec-14 21:52:34

I did, it was pretty easy but they weren't the best.

18yearstooold Sun 07-Dec-14 21:54:25

Mistress if you put some icing sugar in an air tight jar then add the marshmallows you might get a day or two but they are best eaten the same day

CarolBornAMan Sun 07-Dec-14 22:18:29

my 10 year old DD made some last year (with supervision) for relatives and they were lovely - not quite same texture as bought ones but stickier and really nice - we would definitely make again..they last few days for us..

Magmatic80 Sun 14-Dec-14 06:40:51

I made them the other day and I don't have a stand mixer either. Yet. DP helpfully held the hand mixer while I poured the sugar syrup. They were nice but I found they soaked up the dusting icing sugar/corn flour very quick and were sticky again within an hour or so. I've never used gelatine before and found a lot of the sugar syrup set in the pan while pouring so lost a bit. Wondering if I didn't melt it enough and that's why they ended up so sticky. Dunno. I'm going to have another go after Christmas with my stand mixer present fsmile

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Wed 17-Dec-14 11:46:39

I make marshmallows about once a month. They taste very nice and have the right texture.
But I do have a Kitchenaid. smile

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Wed 17-Dec-14 11:49:24


mrsminiverscharlady Fri 19-Dec-14 06:38:50

Homemade marshmallows are amazing and taste so much better than shop bought. You do need at least an electric mixer and someone to pour the syrup if you don't have a stand mixer.

I use an egg white based mixture which is less sticky and more fluffy IMO. They keep well in an air tight tin for at least a week. I use a pizza cutter to cut them up. Fruit based flavourings work best IME, ones with fat in (eg chocolate or Baileys) do not work well unfortunately. Gingerbread ones are lovely!

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