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What to do with half a can of evaporated milk??

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u32ng Tue 04-Nov-14 15:12:04

I made pumpkin pie last night and have half a can of evaporated milk left over. No idea what to do with it as it's something I almost never use!

Any suggestions?

ilovemonstersinc Tue 04-Nov-14 15:14:41

Some Asian sweets? Mithai?

nottheOP Tue 04-Nov-14 15:15:56

loveandsmiles Thu 11-Dec-14 16:44:01

Microwave Tablet - - asks for full can but you could half amounts x

MrsHathaway Thu 11-Dec-14 17:02:23

I made tablet today with a small tin of evap (170g). You also need 450g granulated sugar, 150ml milk and 50g butter.

Melt together in a heavy-bottom pan. Meanwhile get your electric beaters ready, and line a heavy tin with greaseproof or preferably silicon paper.

When melted together, boil like a bastard until soft ball stage (thick like toffee, crumples on a cold plate).

Then immediately remove from the heat and beat on high speed until stiff and crumbling at the edges.

Transfer to the tin (quickly before it sets) and spread out. When completely cool, cut/snap into bite-size pieces.

Alternatively the MN flapjack method includes evap.

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