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Large 5 cake - storing??

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manyhatson Wed 25-Jun-14 12:54:02

My DS is 5 on Saturday and I'm making a large chocolate sponge 5-shaped cake which is to be covered in choc buttercream and stripes of Smarties. I'm using a new tin so today I've done a practice run of choc sponge to see if it came out OK/how much mixture. I was expecting this one to be rubbish but now it's come out, against all the odds it's perfect and I'm thinking I might use this for the party on Saturday after all...

I'm thinking I won't decorate this now as being buttercream and being hot etc and it's too big for the fridge (and that will make the sponge go hard anyway). Do you agree and if so, how would you store the sponge til Friday when I'll decorate it? Foil? Clingfilm? I don't have any containers big enough...

Alternatively I can eat this one today and make another on Friday evening. When I say "I", clearly I mean 'I and 19 friends' ahem

doradoo Wed 25-Jun-14 12:56:11

cling and foil should be fine - just keep it somewhere cool & dry.

Ice on friday ready for party Saturday and should be fine.

Looks fab!

Fillybuster Wed 25-Jun-14 12:58:11

I'd wrap it in a few layers of foil and keep it somewhere cool. Do the icing on Friday, then keep cool and loosely covered again until Saturday. It will be fine, and there's really no point in baking it twice.

Very impressed at how nicely it has come out of your pan! smile

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Wed 25-Jun-14 13:02:09

Let the cake rest today, pop some clingfilm lightly on the top. Crumb coat with butter cream tomorrow,then friday add another layer and decorate, this should keep tye moisture of the cake locked in. Dont keep it in an airtight container or it will sweat. Will be fine for sat.

manyhatson Wed 25-Jun-14 13:05:07

Thanks for your advice. I bought it off Amazon, lined the bottom, used a 5 egg mix, used plain flour + loads of baking powder and greased all the sides. I'm genuinely surprised it's worked!

Moomaloo Wed 25-Jun-14 13:05:12

I would cling film, then foil and put in freezer. Get out in Friday and ice while frozen. Much easier to apply icing, and an Australian friend swears this makes chocolate cake more moist. Any I have done this way have turned out well.

Moomaloo Wed 25-Jun-14 13:06:31

Sorry - just realised it might be too big for freezer!

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