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Cutting bread

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WanttogotoDisney Mon 23-Jun-14 22:15:50

I'm a full time working mum of twins and we survive mostly on processed convenience foods. I am trying to make small changes to cut some of the crap out of what we eat. My first step has been to buy a bread making machine and I am churning out a fresh loaf each morning. Problem is that I can't slice the bloody stuff and end up either cutting doorstops or making crumbs. I've even bought a contraption that is supposed to line up the slices but the loaves the machine produces are too big for it. Can anyone give me any tips on how to slice the bread??

For me this is a really big deal. No one I know can actually believe I am baking bread daily.

poisonedbypen Mon 23-Jun-14 22:18:01

You have to leave it until it cools, it's impossible of it's still hot. I also find putting it face down & slicing parallel to the bread board helps.

PigeonPie Mon 23-Jun-14 22:19:02

Try to leave it for a day before slicing it. Cutting it fresh is always really difficult and I would end up as you do if I cut it that fresh.

MrsHende Mon 23-Jun-14 22:19:30

I wonder if you need a better knife?

We have two bread knives but only one is really sharp enough to cut decently. (It's from John Lewis)

WanttogotoDisney Mon 23-Jun-14 22:22:48 I bake fresh bread and then leave it to go slightly stale for a day before eating?? Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks for trying.

I have been leaving to cool completely and have had a slightly better result cutting on the side. But it's still not great.

Mixed white/wholegrain honey sunflower is all lined up for the morning. Gently easing the family away from white bread. Still has novelty value for the DC so no complaints yet.

CottonbudCatastrophe Mon 23-Jun-14 22:23:15

Definitely leave it to cool completely. If it's still warm, there is still too much moisture in it, which sticks to the knife. Better still, make it 12-24 hours before you want to use it, it is a lot easier to cut then. Don't know why.

TheHouseatWhoCorner Mon 23-Jun-14 22:25:16

Oh God. I've been on MN too long.
I misread your title as ^ cunting^ bread!

PigeonPie Mon 23-Jun-14 22:25:24

It doesn't go stale, it still tastes as fresh as it did when you made it, but it's just easy to cut and you get more slices out of a loaf.

Once it's cold, I store mine in a big Lock and Lock box with a little crock thingy (kept damp) which my MIL bought me and helps to keep it fresh.

CottonbudCatastrophe Mon 23-Jun-14 22:26:21

If you are using large seeds in the mix, it's harder to cut. Sesame, linsed, poppy, millet, & other very small seeds don't cause problems with cutting. Sunflower isn't too bad. Pumpkin seeds are delicious but make it really hard to cut smoothly.

mousmous Mon 23-Jun-14 22:28:01

bake it in the evening.
then wrap it tightly into a tea towel as soon as you get it out of the mashine.
it will still be nice the next morning.
and if it does get stale, well that's the toaster for.

mousmous Mon 23-Jun-14 22:29:28

and yes to a sharp knife.

CottonbudCatastrophe Mon 23-Jun-14 22:29:47

It won't go stale in 12 hours. Leave to cool wrapped in a clean tea towel overnight to preserve the moisture levels, will be lovely for breakfast.

WanttogotoDisney Mon 23-Jun-14 22:29:57

Tonight is the first time using seeds. Up to now it has been the basic white recipe to get the hang of it.

So, new bread knife it is, and will bake the night before rather than overnight.

WhoCorner funny how that happens on MN!

mousmous Mon 23-Jun-14 22:32:06

another thing, if you add a tablespoon of oil into the bread mix it is easier to cut.
always use bread flour.

crazykat Mon 23-Jun-14 22:32:10

It won't go stale overnight. Its almost impossible to cut the day its made without making a mess if it, just like levelling cakes is much easier the day after its baked.

If you don't want to leave it till the next day you could try making it the night before and using it in the morning, it should be easier to cut after 12 hours.

You also need a really sharp bread knife with the teeth not too far apart IYSWIM. On some bread knifes the serrated teeth are about 5mm apart and I've always found these to be rubbish at cutting bread whereas the best bread knife I've had had the teeth about 3mm apart and is very sharp.

MostWicked Mon 23-Jun-14 23:15:54

Get a slicing guide. I got one from Lakeland. I cut it while it is still warm!
I cannot cut bread without a guide.

WanttogotoDisney Tue 24-Jun-14 08:39:40

Thanks everyone. The honey sunflower is 'yumcious' according to DD2!

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