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What's the perfect butter/icing sugar ratio for lovely fairy cake icing??

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u32ng Mon 16-Jun-14 15:24:57

You know the kind: that lovely creamy, buttery, slightly dense & not too sweet icing that you usually get on fairy cakes in a bake sale (and if baked by someone of an older generation then usually a definite winner!). If left out the icing gets a teeny bit of a crust but is still lovely underneath.

I have a recipe for buttercream icing that I use on cupcakes which is nice, but I think it's too airy fairy and sweet as it doesn't have much 'density' or that subtle sweetness. Probably too much icing sugar vs butter...

So could someone please share with me what is the ideal ratio??

GobblersKnob Mon 16-Jun-14 15:28:39

I use 8oz icing sugar to 4oz of butter, 2tbsp milk, dash of vanilla essence.

Works for me smile

ExitPursuedByABear Mon 16-Jun-14 15:32:21

I am a convert to Philly cheese and icing sugar.

Or even more lush, mascarpone, philly and icing sugar

u32ng Fri 20-Jun-14 17:48:01

Thanks for the suggestions! Good old butter, sugar, milk, vanilla looks like a winner. But the Philly sounds tasty too!

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