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Best ever 8inch chocolate cake recipe please (must withstand fondant icing!)

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alabasterangel Fri 30-May-14 22:53:14

That's it really. Am great at decorating but hit and miss with the baking.

Made a choc cake last weekend with oil instead of butter and it was vile. Other butter attempts are dry and tasteless. Madeira has been known to be raw in the middle. Urgh.

Need to make a deepish 8inch choc cake (well, a pair for sandwiching) and need a recipe please. It'll need to withstand fondant icing but only needs to stay fresh for 2 days.

Make it easy for me, please?

BugaAB00 Fri 30-May-14 22:57:26

One bowl recipe, dense and moist cake and carves well too! I used buttercream instead of the icing in the recipe though, to crumb coat prior to fondant.

nicename Fri 30-May-14 23:02:11

That's the very same one I was going to link to! Its bloody gorgeous!

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