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can I use my oven without the inner glass bit?

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inamayliedtome Thu 22-May-14 12:41:56

It shattered and I've promised to make cakes for the sodding school bake sale tomorrow. Can I use it just once without burning the house down? I've never understood what that glass does anyway, but it might be totally vital, and I dont want to break anything permanently. New one being fitted tuesday.

Thank you!

Solo Thu 22-May-14 12:45:12

I had to use an oven without the inner glass last year in a caravan and it took hours to cook a chicken curry. I think the inner glass is part of the seal as I had extreme heat flowing out of the top of the oven so it might not work for cakes anyway.

Could you have a try first?

MrsCakesPremonition Thu 22-May-14 12:46:24

No. Just buy them some cakes with apologies for the broken oven.

ShatnersBassoon Thu 22-May-14 12:48:00

No, it won't get hot enough. Buy some cakes. Lots of people prefer to buy shop bought cakes from stalls anyway, so nobody will mind.

whatsagoodusername Thu 22-May-14 12:53:51

You can. My landlord took ages to replace the glass in our oven.

Outer door will get VERY hot and you will need to monitor more than usual and maybe more than one attempt.

But possible.

justaweeone Thu 22-May-14 12:56:39

Make something no bake
Ie rocky road or a no bake cheese cake or something like fudge or chocolate truffles

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Thu 22-May-14 12:57:48

The two pieces of glass are to create insulation, in the same way double glazing works. Oven will take longer to get hotter, and struggle to maintain the required heat, and your electricity bill will go through the roof if you use the oven a lot for more than a few days.

Notname Wed 11-Jun-14 21:11:17

We managed like that for a few weeks. The oven was maybe 30% cooler than normal so you'd need to set the temp higher and monitor it. Should be ok though.

Notname Wed 11-Jun-14 21:11:52

Oh, just realised I'm a bit late with this advice!

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