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Silicon cake mould

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noitsachicken Thu 22-May-14 08:11:53

I have a train shaped silicon cake mould which I bought from Aldi.
I have never used silicon before. Do I need to grease it? Or maybe grease/flour?
Or is it ok as it is?

Any advice appreciated!

PeanutButterAndMarmite Sat 24-May-14 20:33:57

Yes they need greasing and flouring just as a normal mould would.

Lucylouby Sat 31-May-14 14:52:30

I have a silicon giant cup cake mould from aldi and it is fabulous. I grease it and the cakes always pop straight out. I have been so pleased with it I'm looking at buying a couple more silicon moulds as I'm always running out of greaseproof paper for lining tins.
Just wondering, why do you flour the tin? My mum never did this and I learnt all my baking skills from her, so no idea what the reason for this is.

PeanutButterAndMarmite Sat 31-May-14 22:01:08

The finished look can be a bit greasy without flour, and it seems to come out even more easily.

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